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Affiliate advertisements

You can show advertisements from a web page. For example, you can show products from Amazon. You can make sure only related products are shown…

Auto edit images

Automatically write text onto a post image to make it unique on the web. You can write anything on the image. For example, you can…

Auto edit posts

Edit post title, description, tags, meta title, meta description and other post details automatically.

Auto share

Share the posts automatically on Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can define popularity of to-be-shared posts to make sure only the important stuff is shared…

Auto video creation

Create a video for a post by using images, audio, and post details. The video can be uploaded to YouTube and put in the post…

Boost posts

Automatically add a related post’s preview into the post content so that you can keep the users on your site.

Conditional keywords

Add a keyword to a text only if the text contains a keyword. For example, add “android” to the post tags only if the post…

Extract tags from title

Add keywords in the post title as post tags.

Make sure there is always a featured image

The plugin can add a featured image to a post by analyzing its contents. You just create a folder with the images and assign a…

Modify texts

For example, you can make the post title all uppercase, cut it to make sure it does not exceed, say, 160 chars. You can make…

Show bonus videos

Automatically show bonus videos in the post content to keep the users on your site.

Use any post detail in anywhere

With templates, you can use, for example, the post title in the post content, post categories in the post description, or anything in anywhere to…

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